A Sexual Sojourn of the S&M/Fetish Scene in the 1980s and 1990s

Pervert: Notes from the Sexual Underground     Nancy Ava Miller, MEd, CHt

Nancy’s description of her self-appointed and self-assumed task of forming a support organization, replete with meetings, personalities and organization successes and failures, makes me wonder, “Where has something like this been all my life?” -Bob Richter, S&M Writer/publisher

Pervert Wins Honorable Mention from the 2011 National Leather Association Writing Awards

Apr 2011—Nancy Ava Miller’s Pervert: Notes from the Sexual Underground won Honorable Mention for the National Leather Association Geoff Mains Nonfiction Book Award.

From the National Leather Association:

Now in their fourth year, the NLA-I’s writing awards have received widespread appreciation and support. A “leather first,” they have become the preeminent awards for SM, leather, and fetish writing. Past winners include Gloria Brame, Lee “Bridgett” Harrington, Anneke Jacob, Jeff Mann, Jack Rinella, Cecilia Tan, Claire Thompson, and Alyson Tyler. NLA-I President Vince Andrews hopes that these awards will “continue to recognize, celebrate, and inspire the best in SM, leather, and fetish writing as the NLA celebrates its 25th anniversary.”

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